Terms, conditions and disclaimer

Certified Stores is a postcode look up service for authorised Nest stockists that are trade merchants. These merchants are authorised to sell Nest to trade professionals and all listings are managed by APP Plumbing and Heating Distributors. APP Plumbing and Heating Distributors have selected the best possible Independent Plumbing and Heating merchants to be authorised to sell Nest. These are in many cases family run businesses to which several have been established for generations and are part of many local communities. The list and website are wholly maintained by APP Plumbing and Heating and all stockists are registered to purchase through APP Plumbing and Heating. The website and listing are maintained to the best of APP plumbing and Heating’s ability and hold no responsibility for the business listing or the stockist that is listed. Any complaints should be addressed to info@certifiedstores.co.uk

All listings and ratings are based upon previous and present purchases but cannot be guaranteed by Certified Stores. All purchases are made through a Certified Store and any disputes with purchases are to be made with the Store who has made the transaction.

Certified Stores is a trade specific listing service that allows Independent Trade Counter stockists to appear in the forefront of the trade. Each Certified Store is an individual business and operates within its own remit. Certified Stores has no control over prices or stock holding and each store is a fully independent entity. Any sales contract is made between the purchaser and the vendor and Certified Stores is not liable for any issues or complaints that may arise.

APP Plumbing and Heating is the leading distributor to the Independent plumbing and heating trade and authorised to distribute Nest under its agreement. APP Plumbing and Heating only supply authorised trade counter stockists in the trade sector.

How we rate our Certified Stores

Nest Platinum Medal


A top rated Certified Stores that offers the whole range of Nest and has access to a host of resources. These stockists are more likely to have stock and offer the best service and knowledge.

Nest Gold Medal


A great store that will hold a limited range of Nest and may require a lead-time for the un-stocked items.

Nest Silver Medal


May only stock one or two models of Nest and will require a lead-time for other Nest items. These can also be trade specific stockists and feature Nest items accordingly.