Certified Stores

In the trade? Find an authorised Nest reseller here.

Authorised Nest resellers to the trade

All Certified Stores are authorised to sell Nest products to the trade and have been selected by APP to give you the best availability and proximity to your location in the UK. We have a great network of professional independent trade counter stockists who can be easily searched using the postcode lookup above. You can also search by any location in order to give you a local collection or order point. The Certified Stores are signed up to fully support the Nest products and offer the best service and knowledge. The Certified Stores channel offers a great way to buy Nest from people who are already selling heating, electrical and hot water products which work with Nest. They also have trade counters and experienced sales staff to deal with enquiries and advice.


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How APP rates its Certified Stores

There are different types of Certified Stores and this is reflected in the way we categorise them. This is in order to make sure that you make the right judgement when choosing where to buy and what to buy. The Certified Stores come in different shapes and sizes and the rating depends on a number of factors.

  • Platinum

    A top rated Certified Store that offers the whole range of Nest and has access to a host of resources. These stockists are more likely to have stock and offer the best service and knowledge.

  • Gold

    A great store that will hold a limited range of Nest and may require a lead-time for the un-stocked items.

  • Silver

    May only stock one or two models of Nest and will require a lead-time for other Nest items. These can also be trade specific stockists and feature Nest items accordingly.